Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Walking with history down at Hough End Hall and getting a bargain ........... what could be better?

It has almost been a year since the launch of Hough End Hall The Story which is the first book to describe fully the history of this much loved building.*

The offer, 2016

The hall began as the fine new home of the Mosley family, built in 1596 to replace an older house,
later it served as a farmhouse and more recently as a restaurant and offices and there will be many with fond memories of the place.

For some it will be an unforgettable evening dining under the Tudor beams and for others a place to play and look for adventure.

And for everyone else here in the book is the story of a building which has links not only to the history of Chorlton, but also Withington, and Didsbury.

The Hall in 1849
The first owner left money for the “scoole att Chollerton Chapelle” was buried in the parish church in Didsbury and owned much of Withington.

All of which means our hall is mixed up with the stories of a chunk of south Manchester.

And to mark the anniversary the book is on sale at the reduced price of £11.99.

Now as the chap who wrote the words in conjunction with Peter who sourced the images, and added some of his own fine paintings you would expect me to urge you to go off and snap it up.

Another bit of the Hall's story ............ the history walk, 2015
So as they say in all the good adverts....... “hurry down and grab the sale of the century while stocks last.”

It is on sale at Chorlton Book Shop where I have it on good authority that the two authors pooped in and signed the copies.

Pretty neat I think.

Location, Hough End Hall, Chorlton Book Shop

Picture, poster designed by Peter Topping, © 2016 and Hough End Hall in 1849, from The Family Memoirs, Sir Oswald Mosley, 1849, and Sunday May 17th  from the collection  of Peter Topping

*A new book on Hough End Hall

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