Friday, 8 April 2016

On eating Italian pasta on a Greek island

I often wonder what these small Greek villages are like in winter when the tourists have gone.

Now my friend George who lives in Symi says that it's quieter with a bit of rain.

But I rather think in the case of Asos it will be much quieter.

It is at the end of an hour long drive from the airport and we found it almost by accident on one of our adventures.

It is a small place and even at the height of the season the number here was comfortable, and so we spent a pleasant few hours and choose to return the following year.

And as these things go we took Tina’s mum, who flew into Manchester from Milan and then with us in tow flew out the following day to the island.

Now I have written about Rosa’s cooking on plenty of occasions* but even we were amused when after a conversation with the owner of a local tavernae we went to Rosa cooked him a meal.

He told us that his mum never cooked pasta like he had had in Italy, so one lunch time Rosa cooked him a plate and we sat eating a Greek meal while he ate her pasta.

Location' Asos

Pictures; from the collection of Andrew Simpson

* Rosa's cooking,

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