Friday, 22 April 2016

When you just don’t know enough ............. pictures I wish I had the answers to

Now I am the first to admit my limitations and today is one of those moments.

Here are two images which have nothing in common other than I am intrigued by them both.

The first comes from my old friend David Harrop and is one of a large collection of picture postcards, letters and memorabilia he has lent me in connection with the new book.*

The picture postcard was produced by the C.W.S. Customer’s Department in Manchester.

The CWS was the wholesale arm of the Co-op and here we have a selection of their autumn fashions.

My problem is the year.  I think we are in the 1920s or 30s and if pressed having poured over fashion catalogues I would go for 1927.  But it is a guess and I will no doubt be shot down in a blaze of ridicule and expert comment.

So be it and as they say “bring it on down.”

At which point I should really delve deeper into the history of the C.W.S., but I am not going to.

Instead I will offer up the second image from the Golden Fleece in Lymn.  We had wandered over there on Monday evening just to get out of the city, took a short stroll along the Duke’s Canal and then retired to the pub.

And it was there that I came on the second photograph which I am no nearer tacking down.  It is one of two that hangs on the wall in the pub and may be connected to the canal next door.

I suspect it dates from the 1940s may well be from the camera of a well known photographer and be from a series related to the last war.

All of which means that someone might instantly recognise it and offer up a name, a date and perhaps even a location.

And perhaps will also offer a link to an original print which will do much more justice to the picture than my hurried snap does.

Well we shall see.

Locations; Manchester & Lymn

Pictures; the C.W.S., store, Manchester, date unknown, and woman working the water, date unknown

*A new book on Manchester and the Great War,

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