Monday, 18 April 2016

The transformation of the Throstles Nest on Seymour Grove

Now there will be plenty of people with fond memories of the Throstles Nest on Seymour Grove.

I am not one of them but that is purely because it was not on my route of places to go.

Having lived all over south Manchester as well as Beswick, Bradford and Ashton-Under-Lyne by the time I setteled in Chorlton in the 70s I was happy just to stay very local.

That said Andy who took these pictures of the transformation of the old pub along with me would welcome any one who has a story to tell or even a picture of the place in its heyday.

Like so many familiar pubs it went.  I have no idea exactly why but I suspect it will be the usual explanation of being unable to buck the trend of cheap supermarket alcohol, and wine bars.

But unlike the Princess and the Mersey Hotel the building is still there although as the pictures show much changed.

Which just leaves me to thank Andy for this one which is a project he has kept going back to since he first noticed that the last pint had been pulled and the final last orders called.

Location Seymour Grove

Pictures. the Throstles Nest, 2014, and 2016 from  the collection of Andy Robertson

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