Thursday, 21 April 2016

Walking Angel Meadow ............. the archaeological tour June 4 2016

Now I first came across Angel Meadow when it was an overgrown bit of waste land.

Angel Meadow in the 19th century
I read about the place back then but on a visit down there I couldn't really visualise just what it would have been like to live there when it was one of our worst slums.

Well the Friends of Angel Meadow are about to offer just such an experience.*

For one day and one day only on Saturday June 4 you can walk the walk. It is billed as the ANGEL MEADOW ARCHAEOLOGY WALK and is part of the Angel Meadow Histories Day.

And not wanting to repeat what someone else has already written here is what they say,


Dr Michael Nevell is Head of Archaeology at Salford University and Co-Editor of the Industrial Archaeology Review.

Angel Meadow in 1980
He will lead an archaeology walk around Angel Meadow highlighting the sites of recent digs and the findings from workers' housing excavations.

This event is part of the Manchester Histories Festival 2016.

The walk starts from Popup Bikes on Corporation Street and they have kindly offered free bike parking to those with tickets.

Do you have questions about Angel Meadow Guided Archaeology Walk? mail@friends-of-angel-meadow

Angel Meadow, 2005
This event is expected to be very popular- please contact FOAM ASAP should you not be able to attend to ensure others do not miss out.

Look out for further announcements of events soon.

Location; Angel Meadow

Pictures; courtesy of FOAM

*Friends of Angel Meadow

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