Saturday, 30 April 2016

Ghost stories on Withington Road ..............

Now ghost signs come in many shapes and sizes some with a history that can be easily revealed and others which sit forgotten and obscure challenging you to find their story.

And for those puzzled by the term or who have yet to become fascinated by them they are all that is left of products and businesses which were advertised on the side of buildings back into the 19th century.

Today they can still be seen gently fading on a gable end or above a modern shop sign.

All of which brings me to this intriguing image sent across by Iain Crowe earlier this morning.

It comes from Withington Road but so far its origin remains hidden.

There is no reference to it on the 1911 street directory which usually features the names of houses bestowed on them by their proud and perhaps pretentious owners.

So that is all for now but stories of ghost signs have a habit of exciting a lot of interest which means I am very confident someone will come forward to help us unlock all there is know about Knightsbridge.

Location; Withington Road

Picture; ghost sign on Withington Road, 2016, from the collection of Iain Crowe

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