Friday, 4 November 2016

Celebrating twelve years of Chorlton Book Festival .......... looking for the stories

Now I think it is pretty much fair to say that we don’t do recent history very well.

The first festival book history book walk, 2012
Take for instance Chorlton Book Festival which runs from November 18 to November 26.*

This will be the twelfth “with more events and authors than ever before, including Costa Book Award winning author Andrew Michael Hurley, best-selling crime and thriller writers Rachel Abbott and Paul Finch and a murder in the library!”*

In the library, 2013
But when I went looking for the record of the past years I found very little on the net.

Of course I may have been looking in the wrong place and I bet Chorlton Library have shedloads of

But I am interested in what people remember of some of the events and the pictures they took.

I did come across a nice piece in Archives + from 2013 and I kept some of the pictures taken of the talks and walk I did from the first back in 2011, but there must be lots more.

So that is the challenge .......... lets restore a bit of the history of one of our festivals.

Location; Chorlton

Pictures; logo of book week courtesy of Manchester Public Libraries, a 2013 event from Archives + and the first Festival history walk, 2012.

*Chorlton Book Festival,

** Magical World of Books, Archive +,

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