Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Places with a history and which may soon be gone ..... Blackfriars Road

There will be people with memories of this place.

But sadly not me.

I can’t even claim that I have passed it that often which just shows how even after 45 years living here I tend to stick to those parts of the twin cities which are the most familiar.

Nor I guess am I alone in that.

Now I have no idea what will become of the pub and have yet to check out planning applications for this bit of Salford.

But I will and in the fullness of time dig into the history of the place.

For now I shall just reflect on the sorry state of the building and wonder if anyone has pictures or stories of the Blackfriar in happier times.

Pictures; The Blackfriar on Blackfriar Road, 2014 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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