Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Souvenirs of the Great War .............. nu 3

Now just like the 85 bus to town,  sometimes you can wait for ages and then two turn up at the same time.

And that pretty much happened  yesterday.

It started when Bill shared a piece of crested china with the coat of arms of New Brighton and minutes later David followed it up with the almost identical piece displaying the emblem of the City of London.

Together they represent what had been big business during and just after the Great War and involved the production of everything from porcelain tanks, battleships,to aircraft and even bulldogs.

And to make them just that bit more unique and sell better they carried the badges of different towns and cities.

This was just the continuation of the pre war trade which had concentrated on the sort of items you bought on holidays at places like Blackpool, Brighton and Weston-Super-Mare.

And with canny eye to business the porcelain companies replaced Blackpool Tower with a tank.

Location; the Great War

Pictures; crested from China from David Harrop and Bill Sumner

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