Sunday, 13 November 2016

Something is stirring down at Pomona

Now Andy has been back to Pomona and something is happening.

For years the area has been a mix of industrial sites and wasteland.

But now with that ever relentless advance of new residential development across the twin cities a bit more of Pomona is being “done.”

And that really is all I want to say other than that Andy is a modest chap who makes light of his contribution to the history of Manchester, Salford and beyond.

There will be other people taking pictures of the changes to our sky line, but what marks Andy’s work out as different is that he keeps going back to sites at regular intervals.

All of which means we have a growing bank of photographs recording places from abandoned old mills, houses and pubs through to demolition, building sites and completed flats, offices or leisure complex.

Location; Pomona

Pictures; down at Pomona November, 2016, from the collection of Andy Robertson

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