Monday, 21 November 2016

The FA Cup Final, a body and two trips to London

Now I have to give it to my friend Ann, when she introduces a new story she does it with style.

So yesterday I received this picture of a ticket for the 1934 FA Cup Final with the simple message, “my Dad only went to London twice in his life, once to this Cup Final, and once to collect a body!”

I can think of lots of other reasons to travel down to London but given that he was a City fan and an undertaker they both seem perfectly sound choices.

I am guessing he would have been on one of the 15 special trains that left Manchester for London and took his place along side the other 53,000 who stood to watch the match and the remaining 40,000 who paid that bit extra to sit.

Ticket prices ranged from 21 shillings down to 2s 6d but ticket touts were charging 25 shillings for a 5 shilling ticket and 45 shillings for one costing 21shillings.

That said Ann’s dad had already secured his 5 shilling ticket and sat in seat nu 25 on row 7.

Now that I have to say is indeed attention to detail, which just leaves me to say he must have been a very happy chap given that City beat Portsmouth 2 goals to 1.

Someday I will ask Ann about that other trip although I doubt that she has any memorabilia from that one.

Location; London

Pictures, FA cup ticket, 1934 and Man City season ticket 1952-53 courtesy of Ann Love

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