Thursday, 3 November 2016

Chorlton Mystery Walk ................ back by popular demand

Now it will soon be that time of year again when Chorlton Book Festival returns.*

This will be the twelfth “with more events and authors than ever before, including Costa Book Award winning author Andrew Michael Hurley, best-selling crime and thriller writers Rachel Abbott and Paul Finch and a murder in the library!”

And squeezed in between all these greats will be me, back with another history walk, starting on the old village green opposite the Horse and Jockey.

I can’t promise snow but there will be a mix of tales from dark deeds with more than a few murders and a burial scandal.

Actually there will be the story of two burial scandals one from 1880 and a second almost a century later.

Added to this there will be a selection of our old rural customs including “hunting the sparrow,” “heaving the stranger” and ever popular St George and the Dragon, which of course included St George, a dragon and the chap dressed as a woman and called “Tosspot.”

And that is all I will say for now.

Tickets are £4.75 including refreshments at the Dressing Room cafe at The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre after the walk.  Booking in advance I am told is advisable which can be done by the following the link.**

Meet at Chorlton Green  opposite the Horse and Jockey M21 9HF at 2pm on November 20.

I promise it will last for no more than an hour ............ unless I get carried away with myself.

And for those who want to do their homework in advance and then try and catch me out with a question why not buy my book The Story of Chorlton-cum-Hardy available from Chorlton bookshop ........ such outrageous self promotion!***

Which just leaves me to say that there are plenty of other interesting, exciting and fun events which will last from November 18-26.

Most of the events are free unless otherwise stated, and if you don't fancy going on line to find out what is happening, there is always the telephone @ 0161 227 3700 or just call in at Chorlton Library.

Location; Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Picture; the Horse and Jockey, Chorlton Green, by Derrick A Lea circa 1955

*Chorlton Book Festival,

**Booking for the Mystery Walk,

***The Story of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Andrew Simpson, 2012,

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