Monday, 7 November 2016

Souvenirs of the Great War .......... nu 2 the gold ear ring and the farmer from Holmfirth

A series to mark the week up to Remembrance Sunday.

From my friend Linda.

“After reading your blog I have taken a photo of one of the gold ear rings my Grandfather brought back from France for my Grandmother. 

My mother had the ear rings made into two pendants, one for me and one for herself.

My Grandfather was a farmer in Holmfirth who left his wife and seven children to work with horses in the army, before my mother was born as his eighth child in 1922.

So sadly she is not on this family photo, which was taken in 1917, as the sister sitting on my Grandmothers knee was born in 1916, and the sister on his knee was born in 1915.

When I tried to research my Grandfathers service records there were 758 Harry Ellis's born 1884!”

And that pretty much is all I want to say other than a thank you to Linda for sharing her souvenir.

Location: the Great War

Picture; family portrait and Gold pendant courtesy of Linda Rigby

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