Saturday, 12 November 2016

Letters home from school ....... nu 2 come and join us

Now I can't remember just how the Education Department told us that our four had a place at Oakwood/Chorlton High School and I certainly have no record of the confirmation that I was to attend Samuel Pepys Secondary Modern School.

But this is how Manchester did it in 1954.

It is another of the documents that my friend Ann has passed over to e.

She began at Whalley Range High School for Girls in the September of 1954 and here is her letter of confirmation.

What I find fascinating is that her parents were invited down to the Education Offices on Deansgate to sign the "agreement to keep your son/daughter in attendance at the school until the end of the school year in which he/she reaches the age of 16."

Seven years later when it was my turn I assume we signed a bit of paper but essentially it was just a matter of me leaving Edmund Waller school in the summer and presenting myself with 240 young hopefuls in their brand new uniformsSeptember of 1961 at the school gates.

Location; Manchester, London

Picture; admission letter to Whalley Range High School, 1954, from the collection of Ann Love

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