Saturday, 11 February 2017

Out in Blackpool and a picture to remember

I just like this picture.

It was posted by Adge on facebook recently and shows his mum, her sister and a friend on a day out at Blackpool.

Many of us will have similar pictures taken on a whim and kept as a reminder of a happy day.

Back then sitting in the studio with the painted backdrop and the impressive looking car was just one of the things you did along with the tram ride, the kiss me quick hat and of course a walk along the prom and a visit to the Tower.

But on a more serious note they are part of our history, when people still paid for a professional photographer to do the business.

They might be the serious ones recording that special family event or like this one a moment of fun.

As Adge recalled, "my mum went on a few 'Ladies Drives' from the local pub many years ago, got a few of her enjoying a day out, free from looking after all the kids."

I have come across quite a few  recently while researching the book on Manchester and the Great War.

Here are young men in uniform sometimes with a sweetheart but more often as part of a family shot including the man’s wife children.

The painted backdrop and props maybe different but invariably they look the same.

The couple stare back with stiff unsmiling expressions, and the children on their best behaviour.

That said our picture is one of those where everyone smiles back at the camera, perhaps in anticipation of the fish supper to come.

Of course today with camera phones and the era of the “selfie” all that has changed.

So a thank you to Adge for giving me permission to reproduce it.

Picture; “Mam and her sister and friend on a day out in Blackpool” courtesy of Adge Lane

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