Thursday, 18 May 2017

Chorlton Pubs and Bars ..... the book has arrived

Now I have always been sceptical of writers who say a book took over their life.

But in the case of Peter who is the other half of Andrew Simpson and Peter Topping it has to be said that our latest book has taken over his house.

This is the second in the series on Manchester Pubs.

The first concentrated on 75 city centre drinking establishments, grouped in fifteen walks with more than 600 original Peter paintings, maps and photographs.

And today the first batch of 200 copies of Chorlton Pubs and Bars arrived and spread out across the hall and front room of Peter's house.

There are, inside its covers, the stories of 33 pubs and bars, also grouped into walks with paintings pictures and maps.

That said fifty of them will be in Chorlton bookshop tomorrow, delivered by me and Peter at midday.

And because we can, we shall be signing copies and talking to those who join us for the event.

I may even mention, the man, the goat and The Trevor Arms, although I suspect Peter will tell me off and direct everyone to the relevant chapter.

Peter will also have a collection of his badges and both of us will be happy to talk about the book and how we came to write it.

And that is all I am going to say until tomorrow, at midday in Chorlton Book Shop.

But will just hint at the section on the lost seven.

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