Sunday, 7 May 2017

Pollen Bakery ............ and something new in Ancoats

Now I am rediscovering Ancoats.

Pollen , 2017
In the 1970s it was one of those places I explored with just a camera and piles of curiosity.

And now I am back, having delved into the history of Homer Street and St Andrew’s Church, a friend suggested we wander down and visit a new bakery on Sheffield Street under the railway arches.*

Like many people I grew up within the sight of small businesses which took advantage of the space created underneath railway viaducts.

Back in 1911 no one was listed in Sheffield Street, but in the last seven months the Pollen Bakery has been occupying one of the arches and turning out some fine products.

So we went along and  bought a selection of their breads.

I could say more but I will leave it to them.

"Pollen Bakery is a Sourdough & Viennoiserie bakery based in a railway arch underneath Manchester’s Piccadilly Station.

It is run by us, Hannah Calvert & Chris Kelly.

Pollen was born from a love of great food, fermentation & flavour. We started baking sourdough in our home kitchen in 2011 and our obsession started from there.

So 5 years later, after much practice, reading and experience we decided to leave our bank jobs and embark on bringing great real bread to central Manchester.”

Sheffield Street, 1894
Back in 1894 the surrounding street were packed with small terraced houses and a range of industrial enterprises and after a "quiet time" things are happening again.

Location; Ancoats

Picture; the Pollen Bakery, Sheffield Street, 2017 from the location of Andrew Simpson, and Sheffield Street in 1894, from the OS for South Lancashire, 1894 courtesy of Digital Archives Association,

*Pollen Bakery,

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