Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Who knew W M Rawlinson of Eccles?

Now I say Eccles because that is the place name which was written on the back of this picture postcard.

I don’t have a date, and so far I have been unable to track W M Rawlinson down.

His large sign says he was a “Bricklayer Contractor & General Repairer of Property” but there is no listing for him in the trade directories or the census returns for the early part of the 20th century which given his appearance is where I would expect to find him.

That said there is a Samuel and Sons , “joiners and builders’ recorded in 1903 on Wesley Street in Salford but this led nowhere.

So there you have it, mystery picture of as yet an unknown builder.

I wonder if anyone knows?

I might strike lucly, after all there were other Rawlinson's in Salford at the time.

And soon after posting the story suggestions have flowed in.  One person sent me a census return and Bill Sumner added, "William Rawlinson was at 483 Liverpool Rd Peel Green Eccles in 1904, the site now seems to be a car sales lot opposite Asda. info from Slaters Directory."

So another story is bubbling up!

Location Salford

Picture; W M Rawlinson, date unknown possibly Eccles, from the collection of David Harrop

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  1. I have the feeling this could be Wesley Street in Swinton.