Monday, 1 May 2017

The mystery of Cardiff Road in Chorlton

I wonder if there is any one left who lived in Cardiff Road in Chorlton.

In 1907
It was a small road of just eleven houses and I guess it owed its existence to our brick works which stretched along Longford Road.

The brick works opened at the beginning of the 20th century and Cardiff Road with its 11 houses  dates from just sometime between 1903 and 1907.

Four of the householders were connected with bricks. Two were brick makers and two brick layers.

In 2015
Today all that is left marking the road and its houses are these gates which Andy Robertson photographed this week.

Now I have never bothered to find out when they were demolished.

They were still there in the 1930s and probably went when the brick works were demolished which was sometime in the 1970s.

Already a decade earlier the works had been closed and attracted local lads drawn by the  opportunities to explore the derelict buildings and of course because they were a place of secrets.

In time I will track down the directories and work my through the pages from 1933 year by year until I discover when they were demolished.

Although the directories only go up to 1969 and I have a feeling the houses might have gone in the 70s, so we shall have to wait for someone to come forward.

And today a day after I reposted the story it has taken a turn with Stephen writing in to say that, "talking to a neighbour who lives opposite there and she says the photograph isn't where the road was. There's another curb a little further along where Cardiff Road actually started."

Location; Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Picture, entrance to Cardiff Road, 2015, from the collection of Andy Robertson, and detail of Cardiff and Longford Roads from the 1907 OS for Manchester

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