Monday, 3 July 2017

Little Ireland and a bit of our history ........ soon to vanish ....... part 1 looking in

Now on the turn of a conversation starts a major new project by Andy Robertson, who commented that “Ian says as Oxford Road Station is being redeveloped much of Little Ireland will disappear, so I thought I had better get snapping.

For those who don’t know Little Ireland was one of ours slums.

Both Dr Kay and Frederick Engels wrote of the horrors to be encountered there and lots of enterprising guides and historians have made a living from describing its horrors and taking walks around the little that is left to see.

And soon they may not even be anything left.

The Corporation did their best to rid the city of the slum, and the railway did its best and now the new plans for Oxford Road Railway Station my complete the job although I rather think Derek the Developer has an eye on some of the area.

And yes, I should have gone looking for those plans, which I might still do but now I shall close by saying this is the first of the series.

Location; Little Ireland

Pictures; from the collection of Andy Robertson, 2017


  1. My grandparents lived in York street. They were from Ireland. Is York Street in Little Ireland?

  2. Opposite side I think will have to check

  3. My Mum remembers living on Chester street. Was that little Ireland?

  4. Other side of the main road Elaine where the Lass o Gowrie is and the BBCwas