Sunday, 23 July 2017

With Fond Greetings ......... From a Munitions Worker ........ Helping to “Carry On”

Now I assuming that Elsie who sent this postcard in the December of 1917 was a munitions worker and in time I may be able to locate which factory she worked at.

I know she lived in Haversham which is close to Milton Keynes so the search is on.

In the meantime there is a lesson here, because while I was writing the book I became interested in the insignia women workers wore on their overalls.

Most of the ones I found were not very clear and a hunt on the net turned up some but as ever they were not mine and I was loathe to use them without permission.

And then while looking through the collection of postcards for something else I turned up Elsie’s card to Mrs A Mayhew of Cricklewood.

Along with the badge it gives us a nice bit of war time propaganda and that is about all I am going to say.

Other than Elsie invited Mrs A  “down for Christmas” but hadn’t heard from her despite sending a letter.

Of course I doubt we will ever know if she did.

Location; The Great War

Picture; postcard, circa 1917 from the collection of David Harrop

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