Sunday, 30 July 2017

Pictures from an Eltham bus ........ nu 14 ....... Grove Market almost open for business

The top deck of a London bus has to be a pretty neat way of seeing the world below.

Grove Market, 2017
And when it is the same bus at about the same time every day then you have got yourself a project.

All you need is a camera and the patience each week to record the same spot.

It helps if there is a major new development underway like the one in the High Street and the rest as they say is Larissa Hamment’s Pictures from an Eltham bus.”*

Grove Market, 2013
And yesterday Larissa sent me this one with the comment, "This is the Grove Market development from Court Road, opposite the old Crown pub"

Now if like me you are longer in Eltham it’s good to get Larissa's updates.  I will always have a fond spot for the old Grove Market.

It wasn’t anything special, and pales into insignificance when set against modern shopping developments but for me back in the mid 1960s it stood for all that was modern, cool and stylish.

I opened my first bank account in the Midland Bank, ate burgers in the cafe round the corner, and later still picked up the odd pot of paint and roll of wall paper for Dad.

Court Road, circa 1900
So with that in mind I thought I would look back into the collection for earlier pictures of Grove Market.

Alas I don’t have any of it heyday and so have fallen back on one from Chrissie when the end had come and one from before there was even a market.

Location,  Eltham, London

Pictures;  The Grove Market Development,2017, from the collection of Larissa Hammen, Grove Market, December 5th, 2013 courtesy of Chrissie Rose and in the early 20th century from Eltham Through Time, courtesy of Kristina Bedford, 2013,

*Pictures from an Eltham bus,

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