Thursday, 27 July 2017

When even Batman and Superman proved no match for Demolition Man ...... the Odeon is officially now a pile of rubble

Well in all the great movies a super hero saves the day.  

He may ride a horse and go under the name of Tom Mix, or wear his underpants on top of his clothes and change in a telephone box but whether man or woman, alien or no, they would save the day.

The evil ones would be defeated, Little Tommy would sleep peacefully in his bed and the Odeon would still offer to entertain the cinema goer for a few brief hours on a wet Monday afternoon.

But as Andy's last picture testifies all the super heroes were off doing other things.

All that is now left is a pile of rubble, leaving Andy to return when bricks and twisted steel are taken away, the ground broken again and that new office development rises from the hole in the ground.

Location; Manchester

Picture; the Odeon, July 25, 2017 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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  1. Was it really 41 years ago since I watched One flew over the cuckoo's nest there?