Thursday, 27 July 2017

When you are never far away from someone born in Eltham

Now I came across another bit of Eltham today here in Manchester.

To be more accurate it was Cheadle, not Manchester and the bit of Eltham was Ian, who like me left Eltham for the North and never went back.

But both of us still miss the place and we spent a very happy half an hour talking about everything from Well Hall, and the woods to Woolwich and our respective secondary schools.

He to Eltham Green and me to Crown Woods.

Ian stumbled across the blog and later made the connection between me and the new book on the charity.

And as I do I asked Ian if he would like to share his memories of Eltham with some articles for the blog.

Better still have has a shed load of old photographs of the place from the 1920s.

At which point I could mutter “its a small old world” but that would be just stating the obvious, instead I will just offer up the observation that Eltham has worked its magic on the two of us and almost leave it at that ...... but not quite, because just round the corner lives Ed who is from Bexleyheath and who hasn’t lost his south east London accent unlike me.

So watch this spot for a series of unseen Eltham pictures.

Location; Eltham

Pictures; Eltham High Street in 1977 courtesy of Jean Gammons and in  2017, from the collection of Larissa Hamment

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