Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Eagle Society ................ a big bit of the 1950s and yours for a modest subscription

Now if you were born sometime between the middle of the 1940s into the late ‘50s there is every chance that you will have read the Eagle or its companion comics, Girl, Swift and Robin.

In many households the four were interchangeable.  I read the Eagle each week, looked at the Swift and Robin and shared the Girl with Jill who was older than me and not my sister but we have always thought of each other as brother and sister.

All four comics were the best of the best, and having got rid of mine as you do, I spent the late ‘80’s and early 90’s setting about starting the collection all over again.*

And along the way I discovered the Eagle Society.  I can’t remember exactly when I joined and have had short spells when I was not a member but for most of the last three decades I have paid my sub and received each quarter the Eagle Times.**

Every so often the magazine and the four comics have found their way on to the blog.

Some of those stories have explored that wonderful optimistic period that was the 1950s and others just celebrated the “four.”

And now the Eagle Society has reached its 30th birthday.

So if you are my generation then I can think of no better way to remember your youth than by joining the Eagle Society. The annual subscription, UK £27, overseas £38, and as a start you can visit the site at 

Picture; cover of Eagle Times, Summer 2017

*Comics of the 1950s,

**The Eagle Society,

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