Friday, 3 August 2018

On a railway station ......... 1978

It is a scene that was once replicated on countless railway stations with slight variations for over a century and a bit.

We are on Victoria Railway Station sometime around 1978 with me and a Pentax K1000.

It was a smashing camera, so much so that I bought two.

You could take them anywhere, and I did, from Greece to France and plenty of other places.  It didn’t mind the heat survived plenty of rough handling and just bounced when I dropped it.

I had wandered into the railway station looking for the ordinary and humdrum.

Today forty years later, it and the other photographs I took that day seem less humdrum and more a set of images out of a museum.

Location; Manchester

Picture; loading the luggage, Victoria Railway Station, 1978, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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