Friday, 18 December 2015

Forget Me Not ................. a new play on British Home Children at the Bush Theatre

A fascinating short piece on Woman's Hour today from BBC Radio 4 on the migration of children to Australia.*

“Forget Me Not currently at the Bush Theatre in London examines the consequences of the policy of sending so called 'vulnerable' British children to Australia in the 50's and 60's, many of whom then grew up in appalling conditions. 

Actor, Eleanor Bron talks about her role in the play alongside Margaret Humphreys, director of the Child Migrant Trust.”*

In the course of the discussion Ms Bron also refers to the migrations to Canada and Mrs Humphreys talks about the impact on migrations on the "second generation" of young people migrated.

And in the process the piece explores issues of guilt on the part of parents who  agreed to their children being sent and Mrs Humphreys describes how she got involved in the story and the current role of the Trust.

Forget Me Not at the Bush Theatre from now till January 16.**

Pictures; Forget Me Not at the Bush Theatre, Photographs by Helen Murray

*Woman's Hour,

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