Wednesday, 9 December 2015

From a pint of bitter to a bag of nails ............ the fate of the Bulls Head

I hope that the new owners of the Bulls Head on Burnfield Road will restore the old lettering along the top of the pub and in particular the rather tired emblem.

Now I have no problem with places getting a change of use, after all like many of our old cinemas, school houses and churches when the last pint has been pulled, the last book marked and the last hymn sung these buildings face an uncertain future.

Some will linger on, neglected, left to rot and at the mercy of a host of vandals from those intent in robbing the fitments to others engaged in mindless and wanton destruction.

So a change of use makes sense and if the conversion is done sympathetically then it’s a winner.

All of which makes me hope that the fate of the Bulls Head will be a positive one.

And for those interested in the progress of the conversions of the Con Club in Chorlton and the Whalley Hotel at Brook’s Bar there seems to be a lot of activity at both and more than a few people have observed the public clock is working again.

Pictures; the Bulls Head, 2015 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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