Thursday, 17 December 2015

Gazing into the secrets of that warehouse on Hulme Hall Road .............. what Andy Robertson uncovered

There is always something quite fascinating about the partially demolished buildings from our industrial past.

Much of what is on display as the building falls to the demolition ball would never usually be seen by all but a handful of people which makes the next brace of pictures from Andy Robertson so interesting.

They are of that building on Hulme Hall Road which was damaged by a fire in the summer and is now all but gone.

He was back on Friday and recorded this scene of the basement and immediately I am drawn into the bits and pieces of the building.

It starts with those large lumps of bricks and stone which have tumbled from a vanished floor and moves on to the pipes and cables and the white washed walls and finishes with the arches which were utilized in many different ways including a lavatory.

And then there is that door still hanging on its hinges but offering no explanation for what it once enclosed.

Of course any one walking along the canal and crossing that bridge would have no idea of what existed just beyond the wall, and very soon all of what Andy has recorded will also be gone.

Pictures; from the Hulme Hall Road project, 2015, courtesy of Andy Robertson

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