Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Telephones Boxes I have known ............. part 4 Covenant Garden and Windsor

Choosing a telephone box, Covenant Garden, 2014
The continuing series on telephone boxes I have known and by extension ones that have caught the attention of others.

And these I couldn’t resist.

They come from the collection of David Harrop and take the story of the much loved red kiosks into another dimension.

I guess these five on Bow Street north near Covenant Garden might prompt that derisory observation that you can go looking for a telephone box and then five come your way.

Of course there was a time when certain places had their fair share.

Down at Windsor, 2014
From memory the number dotted around Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester was legendary and were much used especially on the day when the new flats were advertised in the Evening News.

The paper came out at midday and by five past twelve trying to get through to some landlord offering bedsits in south Manchester was all but impossible.

Which brings me to the second of David’s pictures which is pure fun.

It is situated in Windsor near the castle and needs no further comment other than that even an iconic object can be given a twist.

Pictures; a bank of telephone boxes in Covenant Garden and down in Windsor, 2014 from the collection of 
David Harrop

*Telephone Kiosks,

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