Saturday, 12 December 2015

Telephones Boxes I have known ............. part 6 goodbye to the blues ones

Now the series has been running for a few weeks and I am pleased at the response which has offered up red kiosks from around the country with at least two sent back from America and more than a few intriguing tales of escapades inside the boxes.

But of course the GPO K kiosk was not the only telephone box on our streets and so to celebrate the humble blue police box here is a fine example from Whitby.

I had in my ignorance assumed that there was just one basic style which had a lot to do with me growing up in London and watching Dr Who but not so.

There were a fair few which sets the challenge of “Bring me a picture of that red telephone box from my youth” off on a new course and opens up fresh photographs and stories.

Not that I shall explore the history of the police box or the beginnings of their demise in the late 1960s all of which is well documented instead it will just be those blue ones.

Except to say the first date from the 1870 in the USA and our first was in Glasgow in 1891 and was painted red.

Picture; Police Box, Whitby, 2014 from the collection of David Harrop

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