Monday, 14 December 2015

Stretford Memorial .................. and the promise of more to come

Now Stretford Memorial is a place I have never been in and one that I tend just to give an occasional nod to as the bus goes down Seymour Grove.

And that is a shame because as Andy Robertson’s picture shows it is still a grand building and one that hints at its former grandeur.

From memory my mate Lawrence was born there and there will be plenty of other people with memories of the place.

In time Andy has promised to go back and take more pictures which will also be the moment to delve into its history.

But for those who can't wait, it was once Basford House, became a Red Cross Hospital during the Great War and  remained a hospital until it closed  in October 2015.

And as it has an entry in the Red Cross book covering the hospitals of east Lancashire during the war I rather think three will be lots to say about the place, along with memories, stories and old photographs which I hope will flood in.

So no pressure there then, Andy.

Picture; Stretford Memorial, December 2015 from the collection of Andy Robertson and in 1915 courtesy of David Harrop

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