Sunday, 6 December 2015

The space that was once the Pomona on Reddish Lane

A space and a bus top, 2015
Now I feel for Andy Robertson that photographic cataloguer of the bits of our heritage fast disappearing.

He had long wanted to get a picture of the Pomona at Cornbrook but having been beaten by Derek the demolition man set off today to record its names sake on Reddish Lane.

The Pomona was a solid 19th century looking place which in its time had become part of the pub circuit.*

It closed back in 2004 and like so many other pubs it stood empty and forlorn beside the bus stop.

Looking across the rubble, 2015
Eventually in 2011 it was bought by a developer but still nothing happened which I suppose was why Andy thought there was time to record the pub.

Sadly it went this August and nothing now remains except that bus stop from which the curious and bored have a sort of view across the rubble to the trees and houses beyond.

Now I didn’t know the pub so I went looking for pictures and found a few along with some more accounts of its sad history since it closed and one ghost site which still offered up its times of opening which was a tad eerie.

Gerald England
So given that Andy is always so generous with his pictures and because he missed the Pomona after closing time, here is one for him.

And just as I posted the story Stephen Marland offered one of the place from his own collection.

It perfectly captures that time after the customers had gone as the wall paper slowly peeled from the walls and all that was left was that view across the rubble.
Stephen Marland

Pictures, the space that was the Pomona, 2015, Andy Robertson, and back before it was demolished, from Stepnen Marland and © Copyright Gerald England and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

* manchester beat,

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