Monday, 7 December 2015

Telephones Boxes I have known ............. part 2 Knaresborough, Yorkshire

Now it’s not the most zippy of titles but it holds the promise of new series on the much loved telephone kiosk.

For decades the red telephone box has been as much a part of our street architecture as the pillar box and the Belisha Beacon.

And for those with much longer memories it takes its place with the equally iconic Police box, the enamelled street advert and those vending machines dispensing Five Boys chocolate.

So over the next brace of weeks and in no particular order there will be as many examples of the telephone kiosks as I can find.

It all began with a recent story which provoked a shed load of memories and the promise of pictures of those red boxes from all over the country.*

These are from Knaresborough in Yorkshire, a small market town with a ruined castle and a  very impressive bridge.

All of which just leaves me to say the series will run until we have exhausted the pictures and feel free to add a story.

Pictures; three telephone boxes, and bridge in Knaresborough, 2013, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

* Bring me a picture of that red telephone box from my youth, from the series, Telephone Kiosks,

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