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My Dear Nellie ........... letters from George Davison .......... December 8 1915

Writing home, December 8 1915
It was the second Christmas of the Great War and there was no sign that George Davison would be granted leave and while he hoped it would be so he was not overconfident.

In his letter to his wife written on December 8 a full century ago he reflected on life in camp in Ireland.

He admitted to having been ill but only told Nellie after the event and instead focused on the niggles of army life which included the amount of tobacco he had left to last the month and how he might spend his remaining 2 shillings and sixpence.

Like all men far from home he missed his family and worried about their health but was pleased “to hear that Duncan and yourself are now alright but as regards loneliness you should be over here.

All the boys clear off at the earliest possible moment hunting for up the girls and I am left out in the cold.

George, Duncan and Nellie, 1916
If it were not for the fact that I have got hold of two other books on drill and can study them in readiness for my promised promotion, it would be a rotten time.

I have also found three chess players so matters are improving a little.”

Later the following year Nellie and Duncan did make the journey to join him.

We don’t know for how long but it will have been during that stay that the three of them had their picture taken.

And Nellie also spent time in London when George was stationed at Woolwich.

But during that December of 1915 they were apart.

Pictures; extract of George’s letter, December 5, 1915 and George Nellie and Duncan, 1916 from the George Davison collection courtesy of David Harrop

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