Sunday, 5 June 2016

A building on Chester Road, a painting by Peter and the promise of a lot more history ..... nu 1 a beginning

Now I like the way stories come together.

This is Peter’s painting of the Greatstone Hotel on Chester Road.

And as these things happen I have just had a long conversation with Adrian the owner who thought I might be interested in a collection of old family documents including the original deeds and as everyone knows I like deeds.

For a start they will usually be very old, will offer up the story of the building as well as who owned the land and when it was sold.

If you are really lucky there will be other bits including references to wills, property transfers and much else.

So less a bit of paper and more a history book all in its own right.

Later next week Peter and I will be meeting up with Adrian and  some of the story the Greatstone Hotel will be revealed.

Along with a family link to Gorse Hill Farm and a commercial enterprise in the heart of the city.

All of which means that Peter’s painting will be appearing again in the near future.

Location Stretford Road

Paintings; the Greatstone Hotel, © 2015, Peter Topping,
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