Tuesday, 7 June 2016

All you ever wanted to know about cooking the 1970s way

Now cook books are very personal things and they as much about the person who owns them as the period in which they were made.

Most of the ones I own date from the 1970s through to the 90s, and reflect that constant wish to recreate a recent holiday and my love of all things Mediterranean.  So we have shed loads of books on Italian and Greek food a few from North Africa and the Middle East and one from Portugal which I am well aware faces onto the Atlantic.

Added to which there are some from Elizabeth David from the 1950s and two which mother was given and were written in the 1940s and came from the USA.

They sit with those I collected while researching the kitchens of the 18th and early 19th century and have pretty much been unopened for years.

Occasionally I will get one down and leaf through the pages but if I am honest it is more to do with looking at the pictures.

It is something that I my friend Lois often write about on her blog.

But unlike me she explores many of the old recopies and has been known to recreate them.

We both are fascinated at how the books. Manuals and cook cards let you into the history of the period, and there I shall finish with just a sides way look at the 1978 St Michael All Colour Cookery Book by Jeni Wright, which along with the books of the Galloping Gourmet open up the much derided 1970s.

Picture; cover of St Michaels All Colour Cookery Book by Jeni Wright, 1978

*Lois Elsden, loiselsden.com, loiselsden.co.uk

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