Friday, 24 June 2016

A shedload of sheds on the Ivygreen Allotments ...... or sheds Peter has painted .... nu 2 Lois & Paul's Shed

History should be kind to the garden shed and by extension to all those that adorn our allotments up and down the country.

After all they have been a feature of our landscape for a very long time and like the story of the private garden and the history of allotments they are a fascinating insight into how we live.

So with that in mind when Peter told me he was interested in turning some of the sheds on the Ivygreen Allotments into paintings, I knew it was time for a new series.*

It started with a fine painting of one of the more humble ones and today showcases that of Lois & Paul's Shed.

At which point I will against my better judgement quote Peter’s comment on sending the image across “sounds like a Plot to me I will post you a copy through the back door....” which only leaves me to mutter "I shall have to go digging for the more fruitful research on allotment history."

Location; Ivygreen Allotments

Painting; Here is the first of the paintings of Ivygreen Allotments.... Lois & Paul's Shed at Ivygreen Allotments, painting © 2016 Peter Topping Paintings from Pictures Web:

*The history of the shed,

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