Monday, 27 June 2016

Manchester Day June 2016 ............... with a trip into Salford and a night in Chorlton

The procession arrives
Now if you want to show the city off to a friend over from Canada, then you can’t do better than choose Manchester Day.

Susan was keen to see all that Manchester both old and new had to offer.

Not that it stopped there.  

On the Friday night we had brought her back from the city centre to Chorlton and showed her the Horse & Jockey which has been a pub since 1800 and was still brand new when Henry V111 fell in love with Ann Boleyn.

The following day we headed out to Media City, saw the Imperial War Museum from a distance and took in the Lowry.

After all despite Salford being a separate city it shares much of what is a common history with Manchester and has lots to see.

While some still march
From there it was Victoria Station, the Rylands, and Town Hall and of course the procession celebrating Manchester Day.

The bonus was I caught my friend Sally and the Crossacres Shakers doing their bit.

Sadly we missed Castlefield, and Spinnyfields and the Northern Quarter, but ate in Mr Thomas’s on Cross Street.

I rather think Susan might have thought I had set up the whole day's activities in her honour.

I did toy with a fib but in the end decided to be honest and if I am really being totally honest I had forgotten it was on.

In my defence I had been very busy in the week before it happened and on the day was more interested in to trying to pack as much of the "see Manchester & Salford Experience" as I could organise.

Another new Salford Bridge
Time will tell which bit Susan liked most had how the sights matched those of London, the south west and Scotland.

Only today she posted some pictures from across the Scottish border with more of Stonehenge, bits of London and other places still to come.

And on reflection I think the Twin cities did us proud.Not bad for one full day

Location; Manchester.

Pictures; from the day we went into Manchester and Salford, 2016 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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