Monday, 13 June 2016

Taking the tram and arriving in Bury

Now if you are my sisters up from London and wanting a day out nothing beats Bury Market.

Not only is there lots to see and it’s a shed load different from their bit of south east London but you get to ride on the tram to get there.

In the last year and a bit I have been three times which is pretty good going because before that I had never been.

In my defence the tram is quicker than the bus and at diffrent times I had lived close to Grey Mare Lane Market and the one in Ashton-Under-Lyne.

But now the tram goes all the way from Chorlton there isn't really an excuse.

So having taken a camera as you do  and recorded our day out, I think I will do so again.

The pictures may not rank as particularly stunning but they capture the day and so I shall be returning to the pictures and our day in Bury.

Location; Bury

Pictures; Bury Market 2016 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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