Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tower Bridge .............. and thoughts of crossing the Thames

Now if you come from south east London the river is one of the things that defines who you are.

I have always felt comfortable in my bit of London and if truth were told only really feel I have come home when the train pulls across the Thames into Waterloo.

Many of us will also have experienced that rather sniffy and condescending attitude from those who live over the river and which always comes down to tales of taxis refusing to go over London Bridge and a belief that they have the keys to the real city.

So with that in mind after I had bored Peter with the pleasures of my part of London he agreed to take Ryan Ginn’s fine picture of Tower Bridge and paint it, and here is the result.

I am always impressed by both Peter's paintings and Ryan's photographs which are a regular feature of the blog and appear on various facebook sites.

Painting; London Bridge from a photograph by Ryqn Ginn, © 2016 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures, 

*Crossing the Thames early one morning .................. home thoughts from abroad 

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