Monday, 13 June 2016

A little bit of history for just £1.28 ............ be the first to revive the picture postcard

Now I love technology.

I text, and use WHATSAPP, have a facebook and Twitter account and could be persuaded to use instagram but I am rather taken with the idea of the picture postcard.

And so is Peter Topping who has now produced a series of cards with images of Chorlton which are on sale for just 75p plus the cost of a second class stamp which is currently 53p.

All of which means that for the grand total of just £1.28 you can send a message to a friend with a picture of your choice.

No finding the image on your phone then downloading it and sending it before you added your message, and no chance that at the other end your friend, family member or complete stranger will erase the picture and lose it for good.

Instead the said picture postcard compete with personalized hand written comment will sit on the mantelpiece of the recipient for all to see marking you out as a thoughtful person who looks for originality.

And the selection of picture postcards now includes iconic scenes of Chorlton.

So not only will you get to revive a forgotten form of communication but will also share a bit of our history.

You are happy, the recipient will be happy and along the way the post person and the staff in the Post Office will also be happy and you get a trip to the post box thereby adding to your five walks a day.

The selection is available from Chorlton Bookshop which means that you will also have done your bit to shop responsibly and locally.

The alternative is a smiley face and miswritten bit or predictive text.

Pictures; reviving the picture postcard, © 2016 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures,


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