Friday, 10 June 2016

Of adventure on the Second City Crossing ................ and adventures yet to happen

Now this was meant to be a tram story which if it went well would have been less a story and more an adventure.

I was in Exchange Square, the sun was shining and the early evening rush hour was in full swing, and there was the metro stop fully functioning with commuters and live destination board and the promise of that adventure.

I had vaguely read that a service of sorts had started but was not prepared for the tram that hove into view looking like it had come down Cross Street.

It proceeded onto the metro stop picked up passengers and slid away towards Victoria Station.

Intrigued I stood on the other platform expecting a tram to arrive and wondering where it could go armed with the knowledge that further down Cross Street the tracks had yet to be laid.

Undaunted I waited in the expectation that an adventure was on the cards.

But it was not to happen.

My tram had come from Victoria, pulled up just past the stop and then retraced its path picking up its passengers and departing via the railway station to Shaw.

So not yet a full service nor an adventure, but one still to come.

And like all other opening of the metro lines I await the moment that the Second City Crossing is open for business and will whisk me from Victoria up to Castlefield Deansgate.

Location Exchange Square

Pictures; along the Second City Crossing, June 2016, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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