Wednesday, 15 June 2016

At the Islington Mill on James Street in Salford

Well this offers you three for one.

It started with Andy asking what the building on James Street was once used for, rolled on to a search of the records and finishes with one of the ghost signs.

That said if anyone can tell what the sign once advertised I shall be a happy historian.

I am on firmer ground with the building which stands empty and boarded up.

Andy thought  “this may have been a pub, probably not, just an extension of the mill.”

And I think it was part of the mill.  In 1894 the mill extended to the corner of George Street and the map clearly shows the foot print of a building beside the entrance to the mill yard.

But what is intriguing is that the full shape of the building can only be seen from the air or from the 1894 map both of which show that it stretched back some distance and becomes narrower.

I guess we are dealing with two buildings the older being the one on James Street and the long extension which was added later.

Of course I shall have to dig a bit deeper to find out more, but I rather think it will be fun.

Pictures; James Street and the Islington Mill, June 2014, courtesy of Andy Roberts

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