Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Snaps of Chorlton nu 14 .............. outside Mr England’s shop on St Clements Road

An occasional series featuring private and personal photographs of Chorlton.

Now I am a great fan of the family snap and in some ways they win out for me over the carefully arranged photograph of the professional.

Often because they are a personal record they show us bits of Chorlton which the serious photographer would not touch and have a spontaneity lacking in the more formal compositions.

So here over the next few days are a few from Paul England whose family ran the grocers shop on St Clements’ Road.

It has featured before on the blog but always just as a building but here we have Mr England with three of his customers and it challenges you to come up with a comment.

Picture, shopping in Chorlton in the 1960s, from the collection of Paul England

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