Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Scenes from a lost Chorlton, Claude Road in 1964

Now the old petrol pump stood at the point where Claude Road does a right turn before meeting Reynard Road and running off into the Ville.

For almost all the time I have lived here the space just beyond the pump was waste ground but sometime before 1933 a row of buildings stood on the plot.

Now this I know because they appear on the OS map for 1933-34 as large block stretching east to west with smaller units to the rear.

But I don’t know what they were and until I can look at the directories or rate books for the period I have no idea.

By the 1960s part of the plot was occupied by a garage which can be seen in Ann’s picture.

And that is all I know, but someone will come back with more so I shall just leave it at that for now.

Except to say that these little bits of empty land were all over Chorlton well into the 1980s.

Picture; © Ann Love

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  1. Excellent sketch. I remember that old pump painted green before it was taken away when they built Rainbow Close. The name was chosen by some school children from a local school. I always thought it was a tennis court / tennis club on that land in the days when there were lots of tennis courts in south Manchester circa 1910 - 1930.