Wednesday, 25 April 2018

A story of British Home Children in just 20 objects nu 11 .......... a success story

A story of British Home Children in just 20 objects which are in no particular order, have been selected purely at random and will reflect one of many different stories.

Tom and Frances were two of the children migrated to Canada by the Manchester & Salford Boys’ & Girls’ Refuges.

The Refuge had begun in a modest way in 1870, providing a bed and meal for the night for boys found homeless on the streets of Manchester & Salford.

It quickly extended its work to girls as well as boys, provided long term care for the destitute, and abused, while publically campaigning against child exploitation as well as using the law to prosecute neglectful parents.

It also provided holiday homes for the children in its care, vocational training and from 1870 till 1914 migrated some children to Canada.

It was one of the first charities to stop sending children.

This is a letter from one of its agents commenting on two of the children who were sent across.

Picture; from the archives of the Together Trust, courtesy of the Archivist,

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