Monday, 23 November 2015

Walking Chorlton’s past ................. the day afterwards

Now late November can be an iffy time to do a history walk around Chorlton.

The last sunny autumnal days are behind us, there is usually more than a nip in the air and if you are very unlikely there can be more than a bit of rain.

And the days running up to Sunday’s history talk and walk had offered up heavy rain driven by strong winds and in places even some snow.

But yesterday dawned well and despite a briskly cold feel the sun shone and the rain stayed away.

So with that promising start 40 or so of use met up at the Horse and Jockey and walked the history of our local pubs which help tell the story of how Chorlton changed from rural community to suburb of Manchester.

The walk was part of Chorlton Book Festival which has now been going for eleven years and hosts a variety of interesting stimulating and fun events, and will continue to rum till November 28.*

All of which just leaves me to thank all those who turned up, Beverley Williams and the Library staff who manage the events and the Edge whose staff provided an excellent meal of soup and a mulled beverage at the end of the walk.

And a last thank you to Peter topping who produced the souvenir booklet.

Pictures; the Horse & Jockey from the green, 2015, from the collection of Beverley Williams, and starting the walk 2015 courtesy of Beverley Williams

*Chorlton Book Festival, details available from Chorlton Library, 0161 227 3700

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