Sunday, 22 November 2015

Another Chorlton clay pipe, a mystery and a chance to find out who owned it .............. today outside the Horse & Jockey at 2 pm

Now here is a little bit of a mystery.

This is a clay pipe which Steven found on Nicholas Road.

He sent me the image after a recent story I posted on a similar pipe which I found in our front garden.*

Now before anyone says anything I know how common such finds are.

Pipes likes these were cheap, broke easily and were discarded with little thought.

Usually the bowls do not survive and not one as fine as this.  Mine was simple with little adornment and I guess was far cheaper than Steve’s.

But its fate was much the same and once broken it was just thrown away possibly by an agricultural labourer working the fields, or by one of the men working on building the houses that now run along Nicholas Road.

It might even be from a consignment of night soil from the privies of Manchester brought south to spread on the fields.

I don’t suppose we will ever know, but there are books which go into detail on pipe design which may offer up a date, but I doubt we will ever find out who manufactured it.

That said the last clay pipe manufactures only ceased production here in Manchester in the 1990s.

All of which just leaves me to say I would welcome any other pictures of pipes with their location and close with an outrageous plug for today’s walk which tells the story of how our pubs reflect the story of Chorlton, starting outside the Horse and Jockey at 2 pm with our oldest pubs and by degree finishing with some fine examples built when Chorlton had been transformed from a small rural community into a suburb of Manchester.

And you are welcome to bring along your clay pipes which will receive proper attention and due reverence.

Now as I write this the sun is shining and the rain has gone away, so what better to do on a Sunday afternoon in November.than join us for a trip through Chorlton's past and come away with your own souvenir booklet.**

The walk will start at the Horse and Jockey at 2pm on Sunday November 22 and finish at 3 at the Edge on Manchester Road where you can enjoy a bowl of soup, bread roll and a mulled beverage in the Dressing Room Cafe and talk about the walk which with the food is a mere snip at £4.75

And there is also the exhibition linked to the walk which is also on display at the Edge.

Picture, clay pipe found in Nicholas Road, date unknown, courtesy of Steven Passant

*Mr Gratrix's clay pipe lost in our garden in 1845,

**Artwork for the free souvenir booklet, courtesy © 2015 Peter Topping


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