Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Watching a little bit more of Moss Lane West vanish

You know you are getting old when more and more of the places you took for granted are vanishing under the swing of the demolition man’s ball.

This little stretch of Moss Lane West is one that I have passed countless times on the bus and given little thought to.

Not so Andy Robertson who was passing yesterday and decided to record the end of some of the shops.

Back in 1969 this parade had offered a valet service, a restaurant, a baker, along with a tobacconist, delicatessen and carpet dealer and I can also remember a variety of retail out lets but no more.

Since Andy wandered past in the February of 2014 the scaffolding has gone up and already some of the buildings have vanished.

I looked for a planning application for the site but haven’t found one yet which is a puzzle.

That said this was yesterday and I suspect fairly soon there will be nothing but a hole in the ground.

All of which makes me think that there must be a shedload of old pictures, stories and memories of these shops.

In time I hope these may come out of the shadows  before the last swing of that demolition man’s ball.

Pictures; Moss lane West, 2014 and 2015, from the collection of Andy Robertson

Tomorrow, inside the Whalley Hotel

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